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Angouleme is the capital of the Charente. In the north predominantly agricultural, but in the west there are many vineyards where the grapes are used to distill the famous eau de vie 'Cognac'. Its a department with more than 400 Romanesque churches from the 12th up to the 13th century, there are also many museums and several historical castles.

Poitou - Charente is a region that is situated at the south of the Loire . The region is blessed with a varied landscape. Hills, forests, great rivers, marshes, beaches, even peninsulas and polders.

The climate is generally good, the warm Gulf Stream in this region makes it a pleasant climate with exceptionally high temperatures and sunshine, with an average of 2250 to even 2500 hours of sun, makes it a very sunny area in western France.

Walking, cycling and touring by bike rail

The Charente-Limousine is the ideal place for walkers and cyclists. But it is also recommended for mountinbikers (all levels).
There are many marked walking and cycling routes. The descending and hilly landscape "en campagne " is easily to take, as well as a beginner, or as a professional. The routes will lead you through many authentic Gallo-Roman villages, across the meadows and along streams. You drive through a beautiful area full of variety. You can rent a bike at 3 km from the accommodation in bar, restaurant "La Cassotte" Le Bourg at Nieuill.



Bike Rail

A separate idea to do: leaving at Roumazières-Manot (15 to 18 km) located at 5 km from the accommodation, or depart at Confolens - Manot with a 5-persons bicycle train and you will find a nice way to enjoy this beautiful area. You ride on the old train route in your own pace. More info can be found at: www.velorail16.com


Golf in St Junien (at 30 km)

In the friendly hills of the Limousin near Limoges town, situated on a large estate of 80 hectares, you can find a beautiful 18 hole course.

Countrified in a rural of nature you can find the wonderful "Golf de Saint Junien" with challenging water features, excellent greens and difficult slopes, to put it briefly, here it is excellent to play golf.

You do not have to be a member for learning to play like a professional. For a small fee you can hire the necessary goods. More info: www.golfdesaintjunien.com



The rivers and lakes such as "Lac de Lavaud (400 ha.)" and "Lac de Mas Chaban" are excellent for fishing. A mandatory "carte de pêche" and a "vignette halieutique" are required for the 2 lakes. The grocery store whitch is located at Le Bourg Massignac is the manager of the "carte de peche" and you can buy it here.



Rock climbing   Scrambling
Looking for challenges? At the south of Angoulême in the "vallée des Eau Claire" You can do rock climbing. And at Champagne Mouton you can even climb a viaduct.

La vallée des singes ( The Monkey valley)

Definitely be worth to visit is "La Vallée des Singes" this is a must for a day out, as well as for children as for adults. This is the only place in France where more than 350 primates of 30 species can be seen together. The biggest group of gorillas has its own island, while the other species can run freely among the visitors. Watch out for the chimps because they throw stones!

More info: http://www.la-vallee-des-singes.fr/

Further southwards you will come in the hilly region of Cognac.The town has old streets with beautiful mansions, and a walk through the city is highly recommended. Of course a visit to the famous cellars of the houses Martel, Hennesy or Otard are a must for the enthusiasts. But .... be careful to taste the cognac because the gendarme checks! Upstream along the Charente is the town of Jarnac, where the famous house of Courvoisier enables you to the cellars to learn more about the process of the manufacture of cognac. Oh yes ... if you like cycling then the Route de Cognac is a nice tip. We recommend to plan the tasting at the end of the trip.

Jarnac is also known as the town where the French president Mitterrand spent his youth and now lies buried. He liked walking along the Charente, and you can walk in his footsteps. More to the west you can see the Roman culture. Saintes has many Roman ruins who are worthwhile to visit. In the town you can also make boat trips on the River Charente.


The university city of Poitiers has a nice center with many boutiques, and thanks to the many students there is a decent nightlife. It is also one of the oldest cities in France, and it is rich in culture and history. In the neighborhood located is Futuroscope, a theme park about future and technology. More info: www.futuroscope.com

Even more to the west lies the area, known as Deux-Sèvres. In the valley of the river Sèvre is the town Niort located, which is worthwhile to visit. Niort is also an excellent base for the more southern Marais Poitevin. An extend swamp in an area with an acreage of over 96,000 acres between the ocean and Niort. Towards the coast is the swamp partly drained.

Finally the coast. The long coastline is again very varied. Great beaches, but also the peninsulas Oléron, Ré and Aix are beautiful. They are also excellent cycling areas to enjoy the beauty and tranquility. With children, this is an ideal area for a nice beach day.

If you are looking for more culture, than La Rochelle provides the necessary. It has a beautiful old town and port where you can sniff the atmosphere of the colonial period.


Thehorrors of the second world war can be found in Oradour Sur Glane. www.strijdbewijs.nl/oradour/oradour.htm

Or take a look at the official website from Oradour at: http://www.oradour.org